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wie kan me tips e.d geven voor de palm111x


Post by Roel Griffio » Wed, 12 Sep 2001 07:56:31

> wie kan me tips e.d geven voor de palm111x

One: please write in english when you're posting to an international

Roel Griffioen


1. Outlook 2000 mail problem (palm111x)

I have a Palm 111x and I am using it with Outlook 2000 using Pocket
Mirror v.204b All is fine except that I cannot syncronise the mail.
When I try to run the mail support wizard, I select Outlook as the
mail client. It tells me that Outlook is not currently my mail client
and that I should set Outlook as my mail client and my simple MAPI
As far as I know, Outlook has been running as my mail client for the
last 6 months without problems, and I cannot find the software
switches to make it my default mail / MAPI client.
Can anyone throw any light on this rather perplexing problem?

Thanks in anticipation....


2. Installing 3.0 over 2.11