FS:*** Palm VII -3 weeks old ***

FS:*** Palm VII -3 weeks old ***

Post by mwils.. » Fri, 28 Jul 2000 04:00:00

Palm VII -3 weeks old comes with everything !
Asking $325

Would like to find a buyer in the DC Metro area.

Work 301-397-5142
Home 301-858-9377

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1. FS: Palm VII - 2 weeks old

I  am interested in selling my new Palm VII.  I like it a lot  but the
wireless coverage in the Austin, Texas area is not very good unless you live
along the I-35 corrridor.  I don't.

I have the original box, Palm VII, docking station, Software CD, and
manuals.  Hey, it's only two weeks old, I couldn't have lost anything yet!
Anyway, I paid  $599.00 plus tax and shipping for a total of around $620.  I
will sell it for $569.00 no tax and I'll split the COD shipping cost 50/50.
I will also through in as a bonus the leather case I bought for it ($25.00).



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