Penticon "Omer" problem under OS3.5--any one else got it working?

Penticon "Omer" problem under OS3.5--any one else got it working?

Post by Jonathan Ezo » Tue, 25 Apr 2000 04:00:00

I've installed Penticon's Omer program on my IIIxe, but I can't get the
Setup to work--every time I click Setup, I get a fatal error.  Has anyone
else tried this program, and is it working?  {J}

1. How does one tell a "good" IIIxe from a "bad" one?

I've read some posts on this NG from people that had a problem with a IIIxe,
took it back and got another version that worked great/had a better
screen/etc.  Are some of these differences because of different "versions"
of the IIIxe?  And if so, how can I tell the difference between versions
when I'm buying?  I'm about to plunk down $250 and I want to make sure I get
every penny's worth.  Thanks in advance for the help!

-Greg Gossett

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