Question about WriteRight Screen Enhancement

Question about WriteRight Screen Enhancement

Post by Greg Elmassia » Mon, 27 Dec 1999 04:00:00

Quote:> Hi, is WriteRight Screen Enhancement good?
> Does it make Palm's Screen look unclear?

No, not good in my opinion because they make the image
on the screen unclear or fuzzy.... I bought them when they
were smooth and clear, and they were good, but hard to put on without
air bubbles, and took a couple of days to clear up, now they are
easy to put on, air bubbles are minimal, but they make my nice
new IIIx screen look like the old, original pilot...

Get PilotRites... they are cheap, last much longer, get better
with age, and go pretty easy...


PS, have been using screen protectors since my first pilot, and I'm'
on my third one now... (upgrades)..