Experiment using Palm and SMS on GSM phones to send emails

Experiment using Palm and SMS on GSM phones to send emails

Post by Alex » Tue, 07 Mar 2000 04:00:00

I have been experimenting today with using the beta of MonkeyMessenger to
send SMS (short message service) messages to one of those free message
centres (smsmebaby.com in Australia) which do conversions between SMS and
email and vice versa. Mostly you use them by sending an email with the
number(s) of the GSM phones to which you want the message in the email
sent - you can also use them to send SMS between different GSM networks.
However, you can use them the other way by sending an SMS message from your
phone to the centre, which turns it into an email.

Aha, I thought, and downloaded MonkeyMessenger. This will send an SMS
message from the Palm to a Nokia 6100 series phone by infrared (or to a 5100
phone by cable) which will in turn transmit it. The advantage of this is
that it is easier to compose and manage SMS messages on the Palm than on a
phone. In this case I sent the message to smsmebaby.com which in turn
emailed it to my PC.

Well, I got it to work, sort of. The message keeps getting truncated in the
connection between the Palm and the Nokia and there are a few other problems
with the MonkeyMessenger beta which hopefully will be fixed in the final
version. But it still all seems a bit flaky. There are two major problems,
one a limitation of SMS and the other a function of the MonkeyMessenger
software :

1.    SMS is limited to about 150 characters or about 30 words. In the case
of emails, this must include the email address. I confess that there are few
instances I can think of where I would prefer to send an a 30 word email to
someone rather than ringing them up - apart from being able to send the same
message quickly to a number of people, which brings us to the second
problem -

2.    MonkeyMessenger will only send SMS messages one by one - in other
words, it does not appear to allow you to do broadcast SMS....

This would seem to negate any advantage of this setup, but it was still
interesting to see if it worked.... If anyone has any ideas on what use this
might be put to, or how to get around the above problems, or if they know a
better program for the Palm, or how to get a GSM modem for the Palm at under
$A250 (which they all seem to be) to send proper email and faxes, please let
me (and everybody else) know....