Hot Sync problem with memo pad

Hot Sync problem with memo pad

Post by Robin Garfinkel, Ph.D » Sat, 25 Jan 2003 07:05:01

I have a Palm m130 and use the newest version of Palm Desktop.  Twice,
my conduit for the memo pad (and only the memo pad) has disappeared
making hot syncing of the memo pad impossible.  After the first time I
completely uninstalled and reinstalled Palm desktop including the
registry files.  Does anyone know why this might be happening and how to
prevent it?  Is there any way to put back the memo pad conduit without
reinstalling everything (including vindigo, etc.).

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I have a new Vx and I want to set up some new Memo on the desktop and Synch
them to my Vx. However, I went to the Custom... area of the Hot Synch and I
do not see Memo Pad listed as an application. How do I get Memo to appear in
the Synch list so I can set it up?

I did install the conduit for Outlook 2000 since that is what I use all the

Scott Whittaker
SonoranSites Web Development

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