Ann: NS Basic/Palm new version, downloadable demo

Ann: NS Basic/Palm new version, downloadable demo

Post by George Henn » Tue, 01 May 2001 23:07:17

NS Basic for Palm 1.11 is now shipping. It has a number of fixes and
enhancements, including improvements to serial communications and
improved support for large (>200k) apps. Other enhancements include
improved support for non-English users (Japanese, Chinese, Greek and
others) and numbers with 14 significant digits.

In addition, you can now download a demo version of NS Basic/Palm to
try. It is available from

NS Basic/Palm is the easiest way to develop for Palm and compatible
devices. For more information, visit

NS Basic/Palm is a complete, powerful development environment. You can
write and test your BASIC program on the desktop, then download it to
your device to run.

* Easy to use, standard and structured BASIC
* Over a dozen standard Palm OS screen objects
* Create buttons, fields, popups, menus and more
* Serial and IR Communications
* Math and trigonometric function support
* Produces standard standalone Palm apps
* Built in database support
* Test on the Palm OS Emulator
* Lots of sample code
* 150 page Handbook
*   $99.95, royalty free distribution

Here are some useful pointers for more information:
What users say:

NS BASIC Corporation has been a leading creator of development tools for
handheld devices since 1993. Over 12,000 users in over 60 countries use
NS BASIC's development tools for Palm OS, Windows CE and Newton.


Ann: NS Basic/Palm new version, downloadable demo

Post by Dennis Vos » Wed, 02 May 2001 00:42:28

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Die Gesch?fte laufen wohl echt schlecht.

English: The company needs advertising.
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