ANN: One-Touch Communicator for the Palm Computing Platform

ANN: One-Touch Communicator for the Palm Computing Platform

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JP Systems Announces One-Touch Communicator, a Personal Communication
Solution Exclusively for Palm Computing Platform

                       -Product is truly universal in its application,
enabling users to
                                    connect from anywhere, at any time-

PC EXPO, New York, June 8, 1998JP Systems today announced the release of a
breakthrough personalized communications package for the Palm Computing?
platform, One-Touch Communicator?. This powerful software package is
designed exclusively for users of the 3Com PalmPilot?, IBM WORKPAD and
PalmIII connected organizers and is easily integrated with virtually all
communications networks. With the One-Touch Communicator, PalmPilot
connected organizers, Workpads, and Palm III? users can send, receive,
store, reply to and forward text messages to any email system, as well as to
numeric and alphanumeric pagers.

With the One-touch Messaging Solution, Mobile Professionals no longer have
to travel or call back to the office to retrieve vital information, says
Prabhaker Guniganti, President JP Systems, Inc. This easy and convenient
access to information via different networks significantly improves
productivity, efficiency and customer service. Undoubtedly, this gives the
Mobile Professional an unprecedented competitive advantage.

The platform-independent One-Touch Communicator is a fully featured software
package that can be used anywhere. It provides two-way messaging and email
connectivity for the Palm Computing platform in three different ways. First,
One-Touch Communicator can connect to a wireline modem, a wireless IP modem,
or to the Skytel/MCI two-way pager. The full SMTP and POP3 protocol
facilitates messaging to any intranet or Internet connection. Second, users
may also configure up to six distinct email accounts within the software
application. The easy-to-use user interface also pulls the email addresses
and pager numbers from the Address List and lists them alphabetically within
the One-Touch GUI. This eliminates the need to create a separate contact
list within One-Touch because the software thoughtfully does this for the
user. Finally, when composing email, One-Touch Communicator automatically
creates the header information for existing contacts with a single tap on
the contact name. The software also supports filtering and Rule wizards
within the program.

One of One-Touch Communicators unique features for the Palm Computing
platform user is the ability to send and receive Vcards and Vcalendars as
attachments to or from Microsoft Outlook? or any other software that
supports Vcards and Vcalendarsall without synchronization using a wireless
or wireline modem. This powerful feature allows users to update and organize
their Outlook databases independent of a PC from wherever they are at
anytime. This also enables users to send a Memo, To Do List, or Contact
Information to another PalmPilot, Palm III, or IBM Workpad PC Companion? as
attachments. The receiver then downloads the information on his or her own
PalmPilot connected organizer in the appropriate application. With these
features, users can update and organize their information from one place,
and also effectively communicate information to a group of users or an
individual.  By providing group and simultaneous email and paging, a
messaging back-up system and allowing the capability of establishing
multiple email accounts on the Palm Computing platform, One-Touch
Communicator is the complete communications solution for mobile

"JP Systems has created a business solution that enables users to
communicate with others more efficiently ," says Mark Bercow, vice president
of strategic alliances and platform development at Palm Computing, a 3Com
Company. "The One-Touch Communicator will HAVE? impact on the way people do

JP Systems, Inc. is a multi-faceted global software and system solution
provider, committed to the design and development of products for the paging
and wireless industries.   JP Systems partners with major corporations to
develop customized solutions for information and wireless technologies.  The
company designed a mission-critical paging system for the New York Stock
Exchange, called the JPS 1000 system, which is believed to be the busiest
customer-owned paging system in the world.  For more information, please
visit JP Systems on the Web at

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Trademarks subject to trademark claims.  3Com, HotSync and Palm computing
are registered trademarks  and Palm III, Palm OS andPalmPilot are trademarks
of 3Com Corporation or its subsidiaries.


1. ANN: One-Touch Communicator BRAvE Special Offers from NWT

New World Technologies, Inc., a one-stop shop for Palm Connected Organizer
products, today announced the availability of the following BRAvE Special
Offers for One-Touch Communicator.

One-Touch Communicator - Want to stay in touch wherever you are? Want to
make your Palm Pilot more than just a cool organizer? You need One-Touch
Communicator, the most powerful full-featured E-mail program for the Palm
Computing Platform. One-Touch Communicator's vast array of powerful
communications features let you not only Send and Recieve mail and
Attachments but also synchronize your Palm with Microsoft Outlook, Netscape
Mail, Hotmail, and other Pilot users. All this via the wired 3Com PalmPilot
Modem, or wireless IP modem.

BRAvE Offer - INTRODUCTORY OFFER: Download One-Touch Communicator directly
from for $39.95 until January 31, 1999. The electronically
downloadable version of One-Touch Communicator is version 1.5 and supports
the direct printing of email massages to a printer (no HotSync required)
using PalmPrint software. This software is not available electronically for
Mac users. The price of the traditional boxed shipment of One-Touch
Communicator (for physical rather than electronic delivery) is $49.95.

NOTE: If you have already purchased the boxed version then you can upgrade
to version 1.5 by going to If you have already purchased
an ESD version before the release of v1.5 then your SmartCert is good for up
to 6 downloads. Therefore you should keep your SmartCert on your system in
order to download new versions of this title as they become available.

50% on the price of your One-Touch Communicator email software with the
purchase of the Palm Pilot Modem. Get the PalmPilot Modem plus One-Touch
Communicator for $158.95 (Regular price $178.95). That's a 50% saving on
One-Touch! With the Palmpilot Modem you can stay synchronized even when out
of the office. Simply snap this modem onto your Palm organizer, plug into a
phone jack and press the modem's HotSync button to connect to your desktop
PC. The remote HotSync feature of the PalmPilot Modem allows you to
synchronize with the data on your PC, wherever you may be. Offer valid until
January 31, 1999.

New Electronic Software Distribution (ESD) titles are added daily and are
denoted with a 'D' symbol at . NWT's downloadable titles are set
to grow over the coming months, and will offer all leading
software titles.

To receive further information please contact:
New World Technologies, Inc.
110 Greene St., Suite 5100
NYC 10012
Tel: +1 (212) 941 4633 Fax: +1 (212) 274 8527
North America Toll Free Tel: 1-800-886-4967


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