Anybody having problems with Alrams in the Calendar after DSL???

Anybody having problems with Alrams in the Calendar after DSL???

Post by Mike Kopac » Mon, 03 Nov 1997 04:00:00

Hi all!

After last week's switchover to Dightlight savings time I turned on my
Pilot, went to the prefs and moved the time back an hour. Ever since I
did that the alarms on my PPro have been really screwed up! Alarms go
off for events that won't take plce for a month, along with the ones
that are correctly scheduled for the current day! Totally wierd!

I am running alarmhack, and have considered removing that and
re-installing it. Don't think that I've hotsynced since DSL went into
effect though... could that fix it?

Anybody else having this screwy behavior?

--Mike Kopack

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