One-Touch EMAIL Question

One-Touch EMAIL Question

Post by Michael Pa » Sun, 12 Jul 1998 04:00:00

This looks like a great email client but I can't seem to get a
response from the company regarding CONDUITS.  Does anyone know if
there is a way to hotsync email to/from Eudora, etc. with this
program, as opposed to just dialing in and grabbing the email via pop3
or smtp?

Multimail does both but doesn't support filters.  Handstamp does
filters but doesn't do desktop syncing.  One-Touch has some cool
features but doesn't SEEM to do desktops.

More info would be appreciated.
Michael Part
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1. One Touch email authentication hanging

I've got an interesting problem.  I've got a PalmPilot Pro with a
SuperPilot board (Lite) running 2.05 and TopGun Postman and JP Systems
One Touch email app.  The problem I have is that when running One
Touch,  my Pilot hangs up with Authentication (via Mindspring POP).
But when I run the app TG Postman, it gets through without a problem.
Then I turn around and run One Touch and it gets past Authentication.
Any idea what's going on??  I like One Touch, but the hangup's are not
worth it.

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