Different Palm OS ???

Different Palm OS ???

Post by Marcus Maure » Tue, 16 Jan 2001 06:00:35

Are there different Types of Palm OS available?
I life in Germany and so i want the German version

1. Hotsync - different palms on same PC, same Palm on different PCs?


I've got two questions concerning hotsync:

1) When upgrading to a new palm (from PalmIII to m500 to be specific) -
how do I
  transfer the data? Simply hotsync with the new palm? (i.e. same
username on bot
h palms; the old PalmIII hotsyncs to the PC and the new one hotsyncs
with "Deskt
op overwrites handheld") Anything special to watch out for?

2) How about hotsyncing the SAME palm to different PCs? Is this simply
? Any caveats, pitfalls?

3) How about hotsyncing two different Palm with the same Username to the
same PC
? Is this also possible? Caveats?

Thanks much in advance for any clue,


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