Deleting/Purging multiple Datebook events?

Deleting/Purging multiple Datebook events?

Post by Te » Mon, 15 Jan 2001 16:32:41

Is there any way to delete multiple events in the native Datebook
based purely on the a unique text string?

I have found an easy way to import a schedule from a third party
application using a program called Dimex by

The schedule that I import  is dynamic and changes regularly. Problem
is when I import it again after schedule changes I end up with
multiple events on every day of the 56 day schedule period.

I can easily append a unique text string to all the events in this
schedule prior to importing them. This sets them apart from all other
datebook entries.

What I need is either a FIND tool that will let me "Delete All" so I
can get rid of the previous schedule prior to loading the updated one.


A Purge utility that will purge based on Datebook event content rather
than date.

Do either of these beasts exist? or,
Has anyone got suggestions on how I might achieve this?