Upgraded from OS 3.3 to OS 3.5 DR4 - observations

Upgraded from OS 3.3 to OS 3.5 DR4 - observations

Post by Ed the Re » Sun, 16 Apr 2000 04:00:00

I upgraded my IIIx to the same version and I have noticed the same

In addition, I can't get any of the icons that show up on the screen
when I do the command stroke to work.  For example, if I highlight
some text, then do a command stroke which brings up the small
window with the cut, paste, etc. icons on it and hit the 'Cut' icon, the
text isn't cut.  If it use the command stroke and use the old method
(write an 'x') the text is cut.  Has anyone else had the same
experience or is there something wrong with my install?


Quote:> Well I took the plunge and upgraded my Palm V to OS 3.5 DR4.
There is
> definitely a noticeable speed decrease with this release.
> take a little longer to load and Avantgo does not appear to be as
> as before.  Maybe that is why Palm incorporates a 20MHz
processor in the
> Vx.  Still the improved security features and other productivity
> enhancements are worth it.  The 3D battery icon is cute.
Hopefully when
> the release version of OS 3.5 comes out (if there is such a plan)
> will be an improvement.  However, it appears that DR4 is the
> being used in the Palm IIIc so maybe this has been designated
> release version.  It has yet to appear on the Palm OS upgrade

> Robert

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