ANN: Nimble~Quote / Guillemet~agile - from memopad to eudora

ANN: Nimble~Quote / Guillemet~agile - from memopad to eudora

Post by dz » Thu, 26 Mar 1998 04:00:00

Nimble~Quote is an AppleScript applet which allow you to use the Memopad -
or another PalmPilot program - as an E-mailer.  Just put the message to
send between "quotation marks", do the Hotsync then launch Nimble Quote.  

The first line is the subject, the second is the address, the rest is the
text body.

Simple and much faster than messing with Pilot Desk to retreive the
messages you wrote on the road.

For the Mac desktop.

----------------------Version francaise:

Guillemet~agile est un applet AppleScript qui permet d'utiliser le Memopad
- ou un autre programme du PalmPilot - comme logiciel de courrier
lectronique.  Il suffit de mettre le message que l'on veut poster entre
"guillemets", c'est dire en  deux marqueurs, de faire le Hotsync puis de
lancer guillemet~agile.

La premire ligne du message dtermine le sujet, la deuxime l'adresse et
le reste constitue le message proprement dit.

Simple et beaucoup plus rapide que d'ouvrir Pilot Desk.

Pour le Mac.

Patrice Soucy


1. ANN: Handy Quote version 2.11 released

Handy Quote is an order estimating / pricing application for Palm OS
devices, including Palms, Handsprings, Sonys and others. Write up
quotes for your customers on the trade show floor, in the hotel lobby,
on the phone or face-to-face. You can give them an instant price quote
for any order!

HQ stores hundreds of your products and their prices (including
multi-level price breaks for quantity orders!) Every quote you write
can be saved as a memo in the Memo Pad, and pasted in CSV format into
any spreadsheet or database application on your PC. You can write as
many quotes as your PDA has room to store.

Just released - Handy Quote version 2.11!  New features include:

Quote Templates
Address Book Lookup
Find a Catalog Item
Add Tax / Markup %
Editing Menu Shortcuts
Save Preferences

Get Handy Quote software at


COMPUTASSIST is an Omaha, Nebraska consulting and software company
serving small businesses since 1995.  COMPUTASSIST offers technology
consulting, product research, custom programming and networking

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