Rhinoskin Rhinopak 1100/1000 for Palm III

Rhinoskin Rhinopak 1100/1000 for Palm III

Post by nora.. » Wed, 12 Jan 2000 04:00:00

Anyone out there have a Rhinopak case for their Palm III?  I am
currently looking for a case for my new Palm that will protect it
against bumps, etc. and am looking for suggestions.  Is there a
difference between the 1000 and the 1100?  If so, what?

The case looks like a good value.  I want something small as I will
probably be carrying it in my purse for the time being, but I've got
little kids and want some protection against it landing on the floor.

Any comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Before you buy.


1. SPUG Reviews RhinoPak 1000

"The RhinoPak 1000 was an impulsive buy that proved to be of immense value.
Currently, the RhinoPak accompanies me whenever I am out of the house. It
usually carries my Palm V in the 3Com hardcase together with a Cross stylus.
It can even accommodate my Palm V in the RhinoSkin Titanium Hardcase"

Read more about it on http://www.spug.org

Jason Ho
Singapore Palm Users Group

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