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More news about ...

Post by Andre Eisenbac » Mon, 13 Sep 1999 04:00:00


 We just set up a mailing list on
 Everybody who wants to be notified about the latest new, udates and
additions on shoul subscribe.

 I hope you enjoy this new service.




1. Palm / WinAmp /


 Does anybody like to listen to WinAmp while working? I made a small
application for myself, which alows me to control WinAmp with my Palm.
It works with the Palm being in the cradle, with IR or with th Palm and
the HotSync cable.

 Is anybody interested in a public release?


PS: We just hit 5000 hits on my site (within 2 month). Thank you all for
your support!

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6. NT - Processes and Full Paths

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