FS: Pilot RhinoPak 2000 case---UK---

FS: Pilot RhinoPak 2000 case---UK---

Post by K » Mon, 26 Oct 1998 03:00:00

I have for sale this Sport-Ute Case for all palmtops. I am giving it away
for 22 pounds It is brand new (color black) (I am selling it because I just
sold my Palm Pilot).
RhinoSkin, creator of the Titanium Hardcase for the PalmPilot, presents the
RhinoPak. This sport-ute will accomodate all palmtops with dimensions of 7"
x 4.25" x 1.25" or smaller. This durable, convenient, functional, and
protective case differs from our Titanium Hardcase in that it is constructed
from tough, water-resistant cordura. It is ideal for a PalmPilot with Modem,
Psion Series and Windows CE-based HPCs

1. The Gadgeteer Reviews : RhinoPak 2000 PDA case

Check out my review of Rhinoskin's RhinoPak 2000 PDA case. This case
is compatible with the following PDAs: PalmPilot with the
3Com Modem, PalmPilot with the Novatel Wireless Minstrel Modem, Psion
Series 3a, 3c and 5, Casio z-7000, Casio
Casiopeia A-10 / A-11, Compaq PC Companion C120 / C140,Hitachi
Handheld PC, HP Palmtop PC 300 / 320 / 340 /
360 LX, HP OmniGo 100 / 120, Lucky Goldstar Handheld PC GP20M / GP40M,
NEC MobilePro 200 / 400, Phillips
Velo 1, Sharp Zaurus ZR-3000 / ZR-3500 / ZR-5800 /

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