WriteRight Screen Enhancement

WriteRight Screen Enhancement

Post by Jeffrey Pag » Mon, 03 Nov 1997 04:00:00

Has anyone had any experience with WriteRight?  I am thinking of ordering
it, but $28.00 seems like a lot for 12 plastic protectors.

I have been using my Pilot for approx. 1 year.  The graffiti area is
extremely scratched.  It is so bad that I can only rely on the unscratched
corner for consistent recognition of my writing.  I see 3 options:

1.  Get the WriteRight and Karma Cloth and go forward.
2.  Get the screen fixed by 3Com (How much?)
3.  Deal with it.

I would appreciate any advice.  Thank You


WriteRight Screen Enhancement

Post by J. Gregory Wrig » Sat, 15 Nov 1997 04:00:00

Quote:> I've had it on now for a day.  It's tricky to apply w/o creating
> air-bubbles and does dull the screen (or as they say, "cuts down glare").
> I feel it creates too much drag for the stylus.  My wife, on the other
> hand, likes writing on it.  I still use the post-it on the graffiti area.

We (the Piloteers in the suite) bought a pack to try 'em out.
After bunging the application of the first two (really bad,
let me tell you ;-) , we got them on reasonably "square". We
used a small amount of Windex spread on the screen with a
Q-tip to assist in "squeegee-ing" the thing onto the screen
with a credit card.  After about two days of us, all of the
bubbles work themselves out, since WriteRight is "micro
perforated".  We then applied tried-and-true Scotch 811
on top of this across the Graffitti area.  A winning combo!

Quote:> I do feel more comfortable with it on and even boldly touch the screen
> with my fingers - it resists fingerprints.

I removed the WriteRight after a month or so of use, and
the condition of the screen below was -pristine-.  It has
been pretty pleasant to use, all in all (the 811 *really*
helps on the Graffitti area).

This said, we are now purchasing a pack of GlassRites to
try out as well... never pass up the chance that a cheaper
solution might be better ($9.95 per pack).

Gregory Wright


1. Question about WriteRight Screen Enhancement

No, not good in my opinion because they make the image
on the screen unclear or fuzzy.... I bought them when they
were smooth and clear, and they were good, but hard to put on without
air bubbles, and took a couple of days to clear up, now they are
easy to put on, air bubbles are minimal, but they make my nice
new IIIx screen look like the old, original pilot...

Get PilotRites... they are cheap, last much longer, get better
with age, and go pretty easy...


PS, have been using screen protectors since my first pilot, and I'm'
on my third one now... (upgrades)..

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