ANN: CASLsoft Kicks Off "Live the Dream" Campaign

ANN: CASLsoft Kicks Off "Live the Dream" Campaign

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CASLsoft Kicks Off "Live the Dream" Campaign

PHILADELPHIA, January 21, 2001 -- In preparation for CASLsoft's
participation at PalmSource, CASLsoft has kicked off its "Live the Dream"
marketing campaign.  On your next visit to, you may see their
new adverti*t.

Got an idea for a PDA application?  CASL allows you to quickly turn your
idea into a reality.  Get buyers by posting it to an Internet marketplace
like  Sell 10,000 copies for $15 each and you've grossed

"Only CASL allows you to get applications out fast -- applications with run
speeds and memory sizes that customers will buy.  If you're going to 'Live
the Dream', that's what it's all about," explains John Feras, co-founder of

For those attending PalmSource,, CASLsoft invites you to
their station #1008.  Get hands on with CASL, the best tool for Palm OS
software development, and "Live the Dream".  You may be a lucky recipient of
a CASL T-shirt or hat.

CASLsoft,, is a technology leader in the field of RAD Tools
for PDA's.  The CASLide was first released in 1996, making CASLsoft one of
the earliest supporters of the Palm OS. CASLsoft is a privately held

-- end --

CASLsoft, CASL, are trademarks of Feras Information Technologies.  Palm OS
and PalmSource are trademarks of Palm, Inc. or its subsidiaries. All other
brands and product names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their
respective owners.

rgds, Frank O'Brien

CASL for the Palm OS? - Turn ideas into PDA applications
Compact Application Solution Language
A multiple - PDA development environment
Visit the CASLsoft web page:


1. ANN: AutoOff 1.1 - Disable the "auto-off" timer

AutoOff 1.1
by Joe Grand, The Grand Design


AutoOff is a very simple PalmPilot application that is useful if you
want to
disable the "Auto-Off" timer built into the PalmPilot.


Install AutoOff just as you would any other PalmPilot application--just
the file named AutoOff.prc using the InstallApp application that comes
the Pilot Desktop software.


When you prefer to disable the "Auto-Off" timer, launch AutoOff from the
PalmPilots' application page. That is all you have to do! The
panel will appear when the program has been successfully run. Though the
preferences still show a time next to "Auto-off after:", the actual
is disabled.

To re-enable the "Auto-Off" timer, launch the Preferences (by tapping
Prefs or AutoOff) and select the General panel. Simply select the
time of your choice. That's it! The "Auto-Off" timer is re-enabled and
PalmPilot will automatically turn off after the selected amount of time.


AutoOff makes a call to the system function SysSetAutoOffTime() which,
when passed a value of 0, will set the PalmPilot to disable the
timer and never automatically power-off.


You can bind AutoOff to one of the hardware buttons on the device. Why
you want to do this? If you have a reason to repeatedly disable the
timer, pushing a button on the front is much easier than going to the
applications page, searching for the icon, and launching the
To do this, open the Prefs application, select "Buttons" from
the popup menu in the upper right corner, and change the bindings there.

Bug Reports, Comments, etc.:

I don't know how there can be too many bugs in a three line program,
but if you encounter one and/or have a suggestion, feel free to contact

Version Information:

1.1 - Modified PilotMain to only run on a sysAppLaunchCmdNormalLaunch
1.0 - Initial public release 1/14/98

Joe Grand
The Grand Design

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