Graffiti Update...

Graffiti Update...

Post by James & Sue Ann Birchfiel » Tue, 11 Apr 2000 04:00:00

I have a Palm VII with Graffiti version 2.0.  I just bought my wife a Visor
deluxe and noticed it had version 3.1.  I can't get a successful beam of
that app to my VII, and can't seem to find it anywhere.  Is it available?




1. Updating the Graffiti Shortcuts database on pre-4.0 devices

I wrote a utility that (in addition to other things) saves and
restores the Graffiti Shortcuts database.  This functionality works
well on 4.0 and higher PalmOS devices, but I can't open the Graffiti
Shortcuts database for writing on any pre-4.0 OS.  Is there a trick to
this?  It's not limited to my program; I can't import a new Graffiti
Shorcuts database even from the PalmOS Emulator (using any 3.x OS),
even though it works with 4.0 (and with 5.0 using the simulator).  It
gripes about the database "being currently open" (which, although
certainly true, is not useful).  Any assistance, advice, or other
communication would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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