JP One-Touch Mail

JP One-Touch Mail

Post by scrib » Mon, 09 Jul 2001 05:47:38

After having posted a query about JP One-Touch Mail, while out
shopping, I saw in a store that it is a fully commercial program.
I was not seeking in my earlier post to get a commercial program
for free and hope no one interpreted my query that way.

 BTW, I have since downloaded and installed the Eudora
mail-browser combo and so far am very pleased with it.

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1. JP One-Touch mail source?

Interested in trying JPsystems One-Touch mail program,
I went to the Web site, now dubbed JPMobile.
Everything there sort of routes you to a screen where
you "register" to to try a beta of the outfit's Web
browser package, which I really am not interested in,
at least at this time.

The site does offer a description of One-Touch Mail
and it is ambiguous. In one place it says OTM
is designed for wired or wireless. In another place on
the same page it indicates a wireless Palm or wireless
modem is required. But then, there's no way to
download the program. Again, the only download link
seems to be for the new whatzis.


1. Is One-Touch mail freeware or available in a trial

2. Anyone know a site where I could download a copy of
JP One-Touch Mail to try?


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