newbie question re editing repeating appointments on palm3

newbie question re editing repeating appointments on palm3

Post by Rick Sade » Wed, 12 Aug 1998 04:00:00

I recently bought the Palm3 & have noticed that if I edit a repeating
appointment on my PC, EVERY appointment gets edited, even though I
specify that only that ONE particlur event be affected.  I understand
that this 'feature' has been around a long time.  Does anyone know of a
batch for this?  Please e-mail any helpful suggestions to me at


1. Clearing Non-repeating Appointments

I have a Palm Vx with OS3.5.3 running the standard datebook.

I would like to clear completely my datebook/calendar of all appointments
scheduled to occur after a certain date. What program/hack would allow me
to do this?

Apparently, I used a datebook program in the past and set repeat
appointments to extend out to forever. I no longer have that datebook
program. When the datebook program was removed, the datebook entries I had
set remained on my calendar, however as unrepeating appointments. Each
appointment must now be deleted "one at a time". I would like to have a
way to "clear all calendar entries after (given date)" and wipe the
appointments clean (to forever).

I am also using MacOS8.6 with PalmDesktop 2.6.3, in case anything might be
done at the desktop level.

TIA for any suggestions.

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