No IBM Wordpad 2 upgrade to OS 3.5?

No IBM Wordpad 2 upgrade to OS 3.5?

Post by Uwe von der Weg » Sat, 30 Mar 2002 05:06:03

Hello to all,

I bought the Palm Mobile Internet Kit to upgrade my german IBM WorkPAD
2 (8602-2GE) - same hardware as Palm III - to OS 3.5. This try ends
with the following message (slightly traslated from german):

HotSync starts 03/28/02 17:24:22
   - Installed file: e:\std\Palm\UPDATE\Flash\FlashPrep.prc
The Palm OS Software in this upgrade package is not the correct
software for the handhelp model you tried to upgrade.
Stop the program and locate the correct model type to upgrade.
Palm OS Upgrade-Conduit synchronisation failed.
HotSync Error: Unknown error  (3002)
HotSyncfinished 03/28/02 17:24:35

The upgdare from 3.0 to 3.3 works fine so the flash couldn't have any
problem. Because of the 100% identical hardware between Palm III and
IBM Workpad 2 the upgrade should work without any errors, I think.

Has anyone an idea to solve my problem? IBM doesn't distribute this
upgrade and more and more software needs an OS 3.5 or higher.


Greetings from Germany


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I upgraded my IIIx to the same version and I have noticed the same

In addition, I can't get any of the icons that show up on the screen
when I do the command stroke to work.  For example, if I highlight
some text, then do a command stroke which brings up the small
window with the cut, paste, etc. icons on it and hit the 'Cut' icon, the
text isn't cut.  If it use the command stroke and use the old method
(write an 'x') the text is cut.  Has anyone else had the same
experience or is there something wrong with my install?


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