How do I mount a HD in my 7200

How do I mount a HD in my 7200

Post by Johan Nilsso » Tue, 18 Feb 1997 04:00:00

How do I mount a new HD in the empty slot in my 7200?
I knew it can be done, but is it simple enough for me, with little knowledge
of computers, do it on my own?

Thankfull fore instructions or a tip or two...

/Johan, Swedish student


1. CD-ROMs will not mount on 7200's after imaging.

I work in a school with a lab of 7200's.  They needed to be imaged so
I created a master image from one machine and burned the files on a
bootable CD.  I then booted from the CD on th e7200's, initialized the
drive, and copied the imaged software to the volume.  After restarting
the 7200's, everything looked fine except the CD stopped mounting
CD-ROM's.  The funny thing is, when I insert a bootable CD during the
boot  process, the CD will mount after the Finder loads.  Then I can
put any CD in there and it will show up on the desktop.  This is the
only thing that will mount.   If I insert a normal CDROM during the
boot process, no CDROM's mount.  

I tried reinitializing the drives and doing clean installations of 8.1
and 8.5.1 and the CD-ROM still refuses to work.  I've zapped the PRAM,
pulled out the battery, tried external CDROM drives, and even
disconnected the CDROM drive and reconnected it after starting up a
few times without it.  The master machine mounts CD's fine.  The only
difference being it wasn't imaged like the rest.

It looks like the drivers is simply not loading although it's in the
Extensions folder.  This would explain why only bootable CD's inserted
during startup will mount because they incorporate the driver data
with the boot code.  

I'm not aware of any ways to force the drivers to load.

Any help woud be greatly appreciated.


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