New Interesting Apl 2 Hardware FS 8/28

New Interesting Apl 2 Hardware FS 8/28

Post by Chet Gerhar » Thu, 29 Aug 1996 04:00:00

August 28, 1996

Apple II Hardware Items FS:
Apl IIe Plotter, complete with docs/software/pens/paper------$135.00
Apl IIgs Power Supply (NEW)-----------------------------------$15.00
Apl Unidisk 5.25 Dual DB-25 Port Version (Prototype)----------$40.00
AE IIgs Conserver (Fan/Serge + Holds 2-3.5 Drives)------------$30.00
AE ColorLink Video Piggyback for Ramworks III (IIe)-----------$50.00

Mice & trackballs:
Kensington ADB Turbomouse Ver 3.0 (IIgs or Mac)---------(NOW) $30.00
Apl IIe/Mac + Mouse (Choose Beige/Cream/Plat)-----------------$15.00
Apl IIe/II+ Mouse Card----------------------------------------$15.00
Apl Lisa Mouse-----------------------------------------Has Been Sold

Super Serial Cards:
Apl Super Serial Card (W/Docs, Last One)----------------------$20.00

Powerbook Accessories:
Mac Powerbook AC Adaptor (Model M5652)-------------------(NOW)$35.00

Shipping on all items is actual cost, sorry no COD's.

If interested, please reply vie e-mail note, replies posted on this
conference may be overlooked and missed.


1. 12/28 Hardware +ADB Keyboard FS

December 28, 1996

Apple II Hardware Items FS:
Apl Duo Disk (2-5.25 Drives in one Case)......................$25.00
Apl ADB Keyboard for the IIgs or later Macs (W/Cable).........$40.00
ADB Cables (NEW 3 foot length).................................$5.00 Ea

Items are sold first come first served.  Sorry NO COD's, Items shipped on
a prepaid basis only.  Payments must be received within 10 days.  PAY BY
POSTAL money order and items are shipped upon payment, personal checks and
other money orders are held for bank clearance.  Shipping and insurance
costs are the responsibility of the buyer.  Include your name (NO Handles)
and address so I can figure your shipping costs in my first reply.

If interested, please reply by E-Mail, replies posted on this conference
may be missed.

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