Apple IIc to Mac -- HELP!

Apple IIc to Mac -- HELP!

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>> I have a number of disks of documents created in Word Perfect on an
>> Apple IIc and want to be able to use them on a Mac. I've located a
>> IIgs with disk drives of both sizes and understand that this should
>> allow me to copy the files onto the smaller disks, from there, reading
>> them on my Mac should be a breeze. However, when I put the Word
>> Perfect disk in and started the IIgs, a message came up saying that
>> the WP system could not be loaded.

>Hi Karin:

>I'm assuming the IIc disks you have are ProDOS 5.25 disks, right?
>Here's what I would try:

>1) Copy the files from the 5.25 disks to ProDOS formated 3.5 disks
>(which you can do on your GS--just drag and drop).

>2) Then take your 3.5 ProDOS disks to a Mac with 7.1P or greater and
>ClarisWorks.  You will be able to copy these file (drag and drop) to
>the hard drive.   Or else find Apple File Exchange to run on a Mac
>with less than 7.1P and transfer the files to the Mac HD.

>3) Try opening the files through ClarisWorks (which has many Word
>Perfect translators, but I'm not sure one for the IIc).

>If this doesn't work, and depending how much you want those files, you
>may have to go back to the IIc and see if your Word Perfect program
>will run on the IIc (if may be corrupted, and that's why it wouldn't
>run on the gs).  If it will run on the IIc, then (and this will be the
>tedious part) open and resave all your files as ASCII/text files,
>repeat steps 1) - 2) above, and then open them with you Mac WP.

>There may be other options, too, if these fail.  Don't give up! :-)

>Jack Friess
>Stevens Point, Wisconsin, USA

Here is one other option.  WordPerfect for the 8-bit Apple //, if
I am not mistaken, stores files in the same format as some early
version of WordPerfect for DOS (in the latest version for the IIGS,
this was equivalent to version 4.2, but the 8-bit //e & //c version
may be different).

Take the files disk to a IIGS, making sure that you have the
appropriate FSTs installed (ProDOS-this one is there if you can boot
GS/OS, DOS 3.3, and HFS).

Format a 3.5" 800K (or 1.44MB if you have a high density drive) _HFS_
diskette on the IIGS.

Copy the WordPerfect files from the 5.25" disks to the 3.5" disks.
The files are now on a Macintosh disk.

ANY Mac with the same or greater density floppy drive can now access
these files.

Once on the Mac, edit the creator/type info to be that of MS-DOS
and WordPerfect (v4.2?).  WordPerfect for the Mac can now read these
files as can any Mac program with WordPerfect translators.  (I'm not
sure if the same translators can read a v4.2 WordPerfect file without
setting the file info first, but you could try).


1. Apple IIc to Mac -- HELP!

   There are other programs that let you copy files with the GS
besides Word Perfect, such as the GS's System Software. You should be
able to run those other programs and copy the files with them.

Nathan Mates
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