FS: 28 Apple //es + 11 Imagewriter II printers + more

FS: 28 Apple //es + 11 Imagewriter II printers + more

Post by That Dude With The Thi » Tue, 09 Nov 1999 04:00:00

I am looking for someone in the Phoenix, AZ area that is willing to
come pick these up.  It may require two truckloads!

For sale are 28 (yes, twenty-eight) Apple //e computers.  Most of them
have some markings on the case with the names of local schools.  All
of them come with a Disk Controller card and an 80-column card.  90%
of the 80-column cards also include a 64K memory expansion.

Approximately 65% are the "enhanced" version, 20% are the Platinum
version (built-in numeric keypad), and 15% are the Unenhanced version.
Most of the Disk Controller cards are for the Unidisk-type of Apple II
drives but some contain a controller card for the older style Disk ][

All of the Apple //es have been booted and had some minor tests
performed.  All of these are in working order.

Also included are 11 Imagewriter II printers made by Apple.  None of
these have been tested.

Also included are 2 Color Composite monitors that will work with the
Apple //es.  These have not been tested.

Also included are three other dot matrix printers.

I am asking for $100 for everything!  I will consider offers below
$100, but the first $100 gets it.

Also, I want to get these out of my living room soon so the buyer must
be willing to come pick these up sometime within the week (by the 14th
of November).  I am in the Awahtukee area.

I will not ship these because it would cost me more than $100 in boxes
and packaging materials.

Contact me by sending email to: