HD won't mount, what next?

HD won't mount, what next?

Post by Louis Corneli » Tue, 10 Jul 2001 02:03:24

I have a TMS pro drive formatted 6.01 varios prodos partitions. Last I
turned on the GS ( 4 meg Ram, Apple HS-SCSI) several months ago it
worked. But now it wont :(
I checked w/ slotscan & it said something like "no device attached".
I tried on my Mac - it didnt mount there either-  but SCSI probe did
regioster it where the ID was set #6, also giving me the make & model of
the drive (Quantum PD210s)

Any ideas on what could be wrong or what my next step should be.
Needless to say there is lots of good GS stuff on the drive that I don't
want to lose....



HD won't mount, what next?

Post by no.. » Tue, 10 Jul 2001 22:41:00

The 'knocking' option is most likely since it has been sitting a while,
but here is the procedure I generally follow. Remember that if it comes
up you'll want to copy all the data possible to other storage, so have
another storage media online in case it comes up.

First step is to listen.  See if it spins up when you apply power to the
drive, you should hear a slow whine increasing in pitch as the drive
comes up to speed.  Once it has been up for 3-4 seconds, the drive
should be making an even, steady noise from the motor.  You will also
hear some mild scraping or clicking or whirring as the drive
'recalabrates' by move the drive heads around, it should return to the
steady motor noise afterwards.

If you do not hear teh drive spin up, gently knock on the spindle as you
power the drive up.  Sometime there is enough power but it can't
overcome the friction cause by worn (old) barrings.  All that needs to
be done is to jar them slightly to break them loose, especially if the
drive has been sitting a while.  DO NOT knock onthe drive unless it is
not spinning.  

If you hear the drive spinning unevenly or hear a waivering pitch as it
spins, reorient the drive, turn it sideways or whatever and try again.
The drive may not be coming up to proper rotational speed.  This can be
cause by old barrings, a weak motor, or bad power supply.

Second step is to replace the power supply to the drive, and see if that
helps.  Older drives require a big electrical push to get them going and
power supplies over time tend to fade.

Third, reseat the termination and try different cables.

Fourth, check the jumper setting, reseat the jumpers.

If none of this works, find an identicle working drive and swap the

Good luck, let us know if there is anything you need.

> I have a TMS pro drive formatted 6.01 varios prodos partitions. Last I turned on the GS ( 4 meg Ram, Apple HS-SCSI) several months ago it worked. But now it wont


HD won't mount, what next?

Post by Louis Corneli » Thu, 12 Jul 2001 07:37:54

Hi again to the few folks who tried to help me w/ this drive that won't
mount. The cable is good as it works with another drive. But I realized
this time there are 2 LED light, 1 green (lights up) another yellow
maybe? never lights up - mean something? Advanced Disk Utils shows the
disk as "unitialized" with 0 k used and 0k available. Universemaster
shows the disk as "offline" Deliverance says "no error occurred" except
when I chose "edit bad blocks" in which case I get

$002D Invalid Block Address

which I hope isnt some error that means the boot block is screwed.
Any tips or help appreciated - I am going off on vacation for a while
but will check when I get back.




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 I have a Quicksilver 867

I tried to restart my computer and now all I get is a blinking question
mark / mac os logo on a file folder icon.

My hard drive is partitioned and has an OS 9 system folder on one
partition, a backup OS 9 folder on another partition, an OS 10 on a
third  partition, and my files on another partition.

Whenever I have had trouble in  hte past, one of them boots up, and I
can always find my partitions, and run a disk utility to fix the

I ran hardware test CD, and all checked out OK

I tried to boot from the applecare disk, and from Norton Utilities Disk,

but all I get is the blinking icon. (even holding down the "c" key,
which never seems to work.)

I booted from disk warrior and my harddrive was no where to be found.
(same with system 9 instal disk.

How can I get my disks to boot?

Actually, the install disk recognizes the hard drive but the volumes
mount. Also when I start the computer from the OS X install disk and run

Disk Utility it recognizes the HD (57.27 GB Maxtor) and the volumes, but

none of them are mounted., (they are greyed out)
Another strange thing, I can boot from the OS9 and OS 10 install disks,
and  from the disk warrior disk, but not Norton, or Applecare disks. And

when I do boot up, none of the volumes on my HD are mounted.

AAArgh !



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