WANTED: TwoInHand Alpha Testers

WANTED: TwoInHand Alpha Testers

Post by Peter Lieth » Fri, 04 Oct 1996 04:00:00

WANTED: TwoInHand Alpha Testers

I need 2 or 3 people to Alpha test TwoInHand, and Apple IIc emulator
for the Newton PDA. It runs only about 80% of an actual IIc sppeds
(I'm working on making it faster)

I'm looking for someone with:
A Newton 130, 110 or 120 with OS 1.3 (I've tested it on a 100 and 2.0 120)
and a resonable knowledge of NewtonScrip

WARNING, Alpha testing is dangerous stuff, I have totaly nuked the
contents of my Newton a few time (Names, Dates, Notes, ect..) So unless
you have the ablility to backup your Newton I would advise you aginst
applying. (No problem if you just don't have anything important on it)

-= Quick TwoInHand Info =-
TwoInHand is a Apple IIc emulator for the Newton. It emulates 128k of RAM,
dual 5 1/4" floppys. It operates in landscape mode on 2.0 Newtons, giving
you a larger screen. With on-screen JoyButtons for joystick emulation, or
TwoTrak mouse emulator (like a trackpad) and full Newton Keyboard
compatiblity. TwoInHand will be a Freeware program, free to all.

          Peter Liethen



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