GS hardware,printer,books,software,misc FS update

GS hardware,printer,books,software,misc FS update

Post by Andrew Wa » Sat, 22 Apr 1995 04:00:00

Here is an update on the current state of my auction.  Bids do not include
shipping cost unless noted.

*  Integrated Circuit Checker
     This is a board that plugs into an Apple II and allows you
     to check 74 and 4xxx series ICs for correct operation.
     Now does come with the driver software, so it is complete.
     (The person I sent the software to was kind enough to send
     a copy back to me to replace my lost disk!)
     A great card for the hardware hacker, or anyone who repairs
     old Apple IIs.
   Bid: $5

* GS  Woz edition (With certificate of Authenticity and letter from Wozniak)
     1.125M RAM, upgraded video chip, ROM 01.
     Keyboard, mouse, joystick.
     Original Box, all manuals, system software, demos, paintworks.
     Excellent condition.
   Bid: $110

* GS Color Monitor
     Slightly flaky.  Screen image starts out dark, gradually
     gets brighter and brighter as it warms up.  After about
     2-3 hours is too bright to use (image distorts). Original box,
     if that really helps considering its condition :-)
   Bid: $20

* Apple 3.5 Drive
     Excellent shape, Original box and manual.
   Bid: $50

* 5.25 disk drive
     A 1/2 high drive in excellent shape.  Cable on drive is for connecting
     to a Disk ][ interface card.
   Bid: $10

* Line link 14.4K modem                                
     External V.32bis V.42/V.42bis/MNP-5
     Comes with cable for IIgs serial port
  Bid: $75

* Pi3 Monochrome (amber) monitor with composite input.  Was attached
     to an Apple II.
   Bid: $10

* Apple Midi interface (connects to GS or MAC serial port), mounted in an
     A/B switch box (B is midi connection, A is another serial device)
     Will remove from A/B box and put in original case if desired.

* IDS Prism printer, was full color, color board is probably bad (ask for
     details), works fine as a black and white.  List was 2,000! paid
     1,200! (in 1983).  There I said it, don't flame me, but I feel
     better :-)  Features include:
       Manual with complete schematics (except for the optional boards
         such as sprint mode board, and color board :-()
       Serial and Parallel interface, selectable with a jumper
       Sprint mode (200 CPS draft printing)
       120 CPS in normal print mode, and while it has a 9 pin print head
         its print quality is excellent as the the pins are set staggered
         and overlapping, which gives very well formed characters.
       Tractor feed from front, rear or bottom.
       Single sheet feeder from the front.
       Built like a tank!!  This thing can take a beating.  Printed
         graphics for 12 hours solid one time and it barely got warm.
         Don't try this with an Epson, it will probably melt!
    Because of the tank like construction it will be expensive to
    ship though.  I have the original packing materials and the shipping
    weight is listed as 35lbs!

* PKaso color printer interface for Prism printer.  Does not work
     in GS.

* Applicard (Z-80) running at 8Mhz, include C-Basic, CP/M .
     Does not work in GS.

* Bunch of various chips.  

    9 Z-80 CPUs

    24 64K DRAM chips 8-120ns, 8-150ns, 8-200ns

    75 16K DRAM chips

     2 2516
     4 2716
     4 2732
     10 2764

   Bid: $12

     2 16K EEPROM

   I would prefer to sell all of the chips in just 1 or 2 lots.



*    Orca C 1.1
   Bid: $15

*    Apple Programmers workshop 1.0b                    
   Bid: $5


*    Apple 2 circuit description--Winston D. Gayler
       An incredibly detailed book on the Apple II and II+ hardware.
       Covers all revisions of the motherboards, includes schematics,
       timing diagrams, and complete descriptions about how all the
       circuitry works.  Fascinating reading, even if you don't
       have an old Apple II.  Does not cover //e //c or IIgs.
   Bid: $15

    Addison Wesley reference manuals:
*      IIgs Firmware  (1987, Hardcover)
   Bid: $5
*      IIgs Hardware  (1987, Hardcover)
   Bid: $15
*      IIgs Prodos16 guide (1987, Hardcover)
   Bid: $5
*      IIgs GS/OS Reference (1990, Softcover, for GS/OS Sys Soft Ver 5.0
                                   and Later)
   Bid: $40

*    Apple IIgs tech ref --Fischer  
   Bid: $6

*    65816/65802 Assembly Language Programming--Fischer
   Bid: $45

* Magazines:

     Softline vol1 #1-5 + vol2
       Bid: $10 including shipping

     Apple--The Personal Computer magazine & Catalog v1 n2,3 & 4
             v2 n1
     Apple Special Delivery Software Fall 80 and Spring 81

     Apple Orchard Fall 81, Winter 81/82, May-June 82, Sep-Oct 82,
                   Nov-Dec 82, Feb 83, March 83, Sep 83.
        Bid: $10 for all Apple Orchards

  Disk Storage:
*   10 DiskBank 5's (for 5.25 inch floppies, holds 10 disks vertically in
                     a slide out drawer)

Offers for the whole mess encouraged, but I doubt if anybody is that weird :-)
I'll accept bids untill April 24th.

---Andrew Wack