Armor Alley (was Re: Copying Software of Dead Companies)

Armor Alley (was Re: Copying Software of Dead Companies)

Post by Ed Watke » Sat, 30 May 1992 02:46:54

Quote:> How do I get a copy of, say, Rescue Raiders?
> I recently played Armor Alley on a Mac and would like to take another look
> at RR for old time's sake. Now my friend has a copy, but I don't want to borrow
> his, I want to have a copy of my own. Being a law-abiding citizen, I might call
> up Three-Sixty and ask them. (note: I haven't actually tried this yet, but
> a message on this thread mentioned it) 360 tells me that no, sorry, then don't
> sell it anymore, but would I be interested in Armor Alley?

> Do I get to look up the author's name and address and send him a check? If so,
> for how much money?

I called up Sir-Tech, and they no longer owned the rights, and that 360 Pacific
now does. I called them up and they said they don't sell it. I doubt that
the author has rights to it, as Sir-Tech told me to call 360 Pacific. Sending
him a check might not do anything, as you don't know who owns it. Perhaps
calling Sir-Tech and asking them about the status of existing copies of Rescue
Raiders would be helpful.


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1. Copying software of Dead Companies

   gberigan of wrote, in reply to a posting I made:

I never said that librarians were saints!

    That's why you take notes!

    Seriously, a library should register with the copyright center.  Many
do.   Obviously many others don't.  
    But there's another point in all of this:  Practically everyone violates
copyrights from time to time. It's a hot issue indeed.

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