Software Info

Software Info

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Does anyone have a good source for Apple IIc software.  Please email me at the
above address or post here.



1. GS+/EGO System Software Info

I noticed in the - current poll  Which of the followig Lost
Classics would you most like to see recovered the results at the present
indicate 38% (by 24 votes) want GS+/EGO Systems products.

Ref. URL:

Well, for your information - all of those were reclassified as freeware without
any distribution restrictions - by their copyright owner - Ross Falconer - two
years ago.  Perhaps the Lost Classics Project may want to officially
such a status for their own needs and do not recognize the current owners
reclassification status, in which case - I urge you to do so.

I had no problem contacting him by both email and voice telephone to verify the
status of all the GS+ and EGO system software products.  I would think all
others could do the same with ease also.  All of the GS+, ShrinkII and Balloon
ShrinkIt archives were on my past web site (with the owners knowledge
and consent) for the last two years.

BTW, all of them I had to make available for free public access and download
are available from the Asimov ftp site - incoming folder.

That Ref. URL is:


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