Bids for Apple GS misc -

Bids for Apple GS misc -

Post by Al Boisve » Sun, 08 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Hi Lori,

I believe that you are obligated to show all of us in this csA2 MarketPlace
group the "winning bids" and names used by the bidders for the various items
of your recent auction.  You did advise me personally by E-mail of my one and
only winning bid; but I think that we all should know the high bids of each
item.  That's the proper way...............................Al
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1. Bids for Apple GS misc - Mon am update

I'd like to finish out the bidding on these items by 2pm my time today
(Monday)  if possible, so email soon if you are interested!  I'll
notify highest bidders shortly thereafter.  I may not be able to post
again, so if you'd like me to email you if I receive a higher bid, let
me know.   Anything that isn't sold will be posted on a new list early
next week!  I'll have some other items to add by then.  

IIGS CPU:  with 4 meg card,  WOZ cpu case
<high bid of $75 for CPU/case/card by KF>

IIGS CPU:  with 1 meg card

SCSI card with 127 meg TMS Shadow hard drive with Prolinx BBS software
installed.  Manuals and disks for software included.
<high bid - $80 for both - mccoy>

1 Juice Box surge protector w/fan to cool CPU and plugs to plug all
components into.

2 apple 3.5 drives
<$12 for one by al>
<$15 for one by EN>

1 apple 5.25 drive
<$12 by al>

supra 2400 external  modem/manual/power cord
<$4 by al>

14.4 external fax modem/manual/power cord
<bid of $20 - tim>

Practical Peripherals 9600 modem/power cord/manual

apple mouse (have two of these)
<$7 by al and $10 by EN>

slide on battery - never opened package
<bid of $9 by lazerdog>

Make offer on each item.  Will consider any reasonable offer, of
course, that is a matter of my opinion, which may not match yours!
(If your bid is not posted, then I probably didn't think the offer was
high enough for that item.  Feel free to dicker with me through
email!) Best offer, of course, gets item!  When offer is accepted, I
will box it up, get your address and get mailing costs, and email you
with the final total.  When your check clears (faster service would be
a money order!) I'll ship the items to you.

Lori Bucevicius

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