Grind Apple2 archive Prelim FAQ

Grind Apple2 archive Prelim FAQ

Post by Steven Nels » Fri, 23 Jul 1993 03:45:08

Preliminary FAQ for using the apple2 file archives at

The Iowa Students Computing Association (ISCA) runs three machines at the
University of Iowa.  These provide a BBS (ISCABBS), file archives, and a
gopher-like information service (Panda).

ISCABBS resides on (telnet
ISCA File System resides on (telnet/ftp grind.isca.uiowa.)
Panda Data Service resides on (telnet

The file system for ISCA is on  It can be contacted via
dial-up modem (319/335-6408 or 335-6409, 8 bit/No parity/1 stop bit), telnet,
or anonymous ftp.

By dial-up and telnet you have the following protocols:
  Xmodem Ymodem Zmodem Kermit FTP

By anonymous FTP you have ftp, of course.

However, due to limitations of Weegs (the U of Iowa computer center) networks
only Kermit and Zmodem work for downloads. (of course FTP works too)

To login to the ISCA File System on grind:
  telnet and login as 'iscabbs' (no quotes)
  or ftp and login as 'anonymous' or 'ftp', use
  you email address for a password.

Anonymous FTP:
  login in as 'anonymous' or 'ftp', use email addr for password
  cd apple2
  Use ls or dir to see files/directories
  Use cd [directory] to move down a level, cd .. to move up a level
  Use get or mget to download files to your local system
  Use put or mput to upload a file(s) into the 'upload' directory.  Send

obvious as to content.
  (Consult you local man page on ftp and/or ftpd for more information)

Telnet access:
  login as 'iscabbs'  (no quotes, lowercase)
  Select a download protocol (FTP, XYZmodem, Kermit). If you are from somewhere
other than the Univeristy of Iowa, your best bet is to use FTP.  You would
choose FTP as a download protocaol, download the file(s) to a local machine,
and then do whatever is necessary to get the files from that system to your
  You will have a menu at bottom of screen.  Use a single key-press to
select function.  

Files System Commands:

<?>            - Gives you this short list of help.
<H>elp         - Gives you a more complete listing of help.
<F>iles        - Shows what is available in the current directory.
<C>hange dir   - Change directory.
<V>iew         - Show contents of a file, either text or archive.
<D>ownload     - Send a file to your computer.
<A>dd file     - Add file to batch download list.
<N>ew          - Show all the new files since a date.
<S>earch       - Show files/descriptions matching a text pattern.
<T>ree         - Shows you the tree structure of the file system.
<U>pload       - Upload a file.
<Z>ap          - Resets (asks again) for the machine/account to ftp to.
< > (space)    - MORE prompt continue.
<Q>uit         - MORE prompt stop.
<K>onfig       - Configure rows/columns, IRC.Telnet kludge.
<L>ogout       - Leave the system.

<P>            - Specify download protocol.

     When you first enter the filesystem menu, you will be in the "root"
directory called /, which has no files.  However, if you type F (files),
you will get a list of available directories that may change to.  Type C
(change) and at the prompt enter "apple2".  At this point, you would again
type F to see what files are available.  To choose another directory type
C and enter the directory name.  Use .. to move up a directory.  If you see
a file that looks interesting, type D to download it, and at the prompt, enter
its name.  The file transfer will start.

Other useful things would be V to view a file, or T to see the file system
directory tree.

Good luck.  I hope to have the 1 Gig drive up before fall semester.  The file
system is at 120Meg now, and no space problem (yet).  I'll have admin help
soon.  Give your suggestions on organization.


1. is the comp.sys.apple2 FAQ posting on an apple2 archive somewhere?

For some reason this posting has not yet reached this site.  Since I
have provided some of the info, I would like to be able to keep an
eye on it so that when I find new info or updated info I can provide
updates to the maintainer.

is the FAQ being kept up to date on any of the apple2 archives?  I have
not seen it on any of the ones I have checked on yet...
Larry W. Virden                 UUCP: osu-cis!chemabs!lwv27

Personal: 674 Falls Place,   Reynoldsburg,OH 43068-1614
America Online: lvirden

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