PowerBook 3400 RAM Upgrade

PowerBook 3400 RAM Upgrade

Post by Ken Low » Sat, 05 Sep 1998 04:00:00

I am attempting to install a 128mb RAM card in a PowerBook 3400c. However,
after the card is installed, I only see an increase of 64mb and not 128mb. I
am running OS 8.0. How do I get the PowerBook to recognize the full 128mb.

1. Need Powerbook 3400 MODEM UPDATE

When I put 0S8 into my 3400, I forgot to copy the modem update and now I
have to wait as long as 2 hours to access my modem!!! HELPPPPPPP!

If anyone has a copy of the modem update (which download.com has a dead link
to), please email it to me or tell me where I can get it.  Puh-leeeeeeze!
(Enough begging for this message!  Thanks in advance!  Your help would be
GREATLY appreciated.)

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