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This is for those of you who receive my latest version of Super Magic.
Some of you replies to me that it does not work, and some of you said
the program works correctly in their machine. I presume either the data
has been corrupted during the transmission.

By the way, I read a mail this morning saying that the program will be
send to Apple2-L. So those of you who have problems please take a look
at that place.

Yes, those of you who have never see the demo (or receive demo prior to
version 2.1), take a look too. Or send a mail to me.


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1. CiderPress v1.2.1 update

faddenSoft CiderPress v1.2.1 is now available, with two minor enhancements.

AppleWorks 3.0 Database conversion.  ADB files can now be converted to .CSV
(Comma Separated Value) format.  CSV can be opened directly by Microsoft
Excel,, and many other applications.

S-C Assembler conversion.  The S-C Assembler was a popular tool that stored
source code with the 'I' filetype in DOS, resulting in potential confusion
with Integer BASIC files.  CiderPress can now tell the two apart, and
converts the S-C compressed text format into plain text.

The S-C Assembler was developed by Bob Sander-Cederlof, who also wrote
the Apple Assembly Line newsletter.  Some disk images, including the
newsletters and a commented disassembly of Applesoft BASIC, can be found on
Paul Schlyter's web site at

For anyone not familiar with the product: CiderPress is like a "ShrinkIt
for Windows" on steroids.  It offers full access to ShrinkIt archives,
and allows you to view and extract files directly out of disk images, as
well as create ProDOS disk images.  File converters translate programs,
documents, and graphics files into formats easily accessible under Windows
and other systems.  Disk images can be converted between several different

CiderPress is shareware, with a $19.95 registration cost.  After 30 days
it must be registered.

Visit for a full feature list and screen shots.
The download comes with MDC (Multi-Disk Catalog), a free utility for
generating searchable file listings from a large set of disk images.


CD-Recordable FAQ -
CiderPress Apple II archive utility for Windows -
Fight Internet Spam - &

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