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Greg Schaefer

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Here's a press release that "tells all" about Greg Schaefer (author or
Proterm; my favorite telecommunications program...):


ProTERM 2.2 to be first product of InSync,
a new software publishing company.

Phoenix, AZ -- Greg Schaefer and Jerry Cline have just announced the
formation of InSync(c) Software, a new software publishing company that
will be dedicated to offering Apple computer users quality products and
support, while providing publishing assistance to both new and
experienced software artists.

Schaefer is the author of ProTERM(R), the telecommunications software for
Apple II computers, and Cline is, among other things, author, president
of The Arizona Apple/Mac User Group and User Group Forum Leader for
America OnLine. The duo announced that their first release will be
version 2.2 of Schaefer's ProTERM telecommunications package. ProTERM,
recently published by Checkmate Technology, Inc., has long been
considered a standard for Apple II users.

Schaefer, the prototypical software genius, authored ProTERM at age 19,
as well as GBBS (Greg's Bulletin Board Service), GBBS Pro and other
software goodies. On the other hand, Cline as a user group "Ralph Nader,"
is committed to defending and promoting the cause of Apple II and
Macintosh users. Together the two hope to provide a special understanding
of the needs of the, "most important and often most ignored" players in
the software business - authors and users.

"Starting with an established winner like ProTERM is exciting," Cline
explained, "it's the solid gold type of product that any new company
would like to use as a launching pad." Cline continued, "It just serves
as proof that we are 'InSync' with the software world, hence, the name of
the company."

"InSync is really a description of our future plans, as well." added
Schaefer. "Soon, we'll be adding some innovations to ProTERM, and
developing and aiding the development  of some new applications for which
we, as users, see an immediate need.

Cline first saw ProTERM when he went to visit Schaefer at his offices
during the Denver rollout of the Apple II GS in the fall of '86. While
the pair were involved in some consulting (BBS chatter), Schaefer
unveiled his new telecommunications package - ProTERM. "As a grudging
ASCII Express user, I saw the magic of ProTERM instantly, "stated Cline'
"it was exciting and I wanted to be involved."

Cline's enthusiastic response made a believer of a friend who was with
Cline for the ride. Andy Niemic, then president of Checkmate Technology.
Niemic listening to Cline's remarks, stepped in and snapped up the rights
to publish ProTERM.

"Take a look at the May 1990 issue of A+InCider magazine," Cline said,
"ProTERM is ranked first above ALL other Apple // telecom applications
due to its advanced, easy to use features and we have ideas for the
future to make it even better.  Now that Greg is really an integral part
of ProTERM again and is just finishing up at CU Boulder, we have plans
that will make InSync Software a recognized company."

"In spite of Checkmate's important part in publishing ProTERM," revealed
Schaefer, "Jerry has always been its unofficial product manager." Greg
finished stating, "Now with Jerry working as the official product manager
plus handling the day to day business of InSync, we'll be in the
publishing business and I'll be free to create which is exactly where
I've always wanted to be. This will be an extremely fruitful and
rewarding partnership, and our goal is, that users and other software
artists reap the benefits."

For more information, contact:
Jerry Cline
InSync Software
PO Box 22141
Phoenix, AZ 85028-2141
AppleLink: Cline.J
America OnLine:
AFL Cline.J



1. Greg Schaefer

Does anyone know where Greg Schaefer (author or ProTERM and GBBS) is nowadays
or how to get in contact with him?  Is he on any of the networks? He used to be
on the GBBS support board (L&L), but left there a while ago and Lance doesn't
know where to find him.  If anyone knows where he can be reached, or if Greg's
reading this, please E-mail me.  I'd like to get in contact with him.

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