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 >Subject : FS: HCGS Script Guide
 >For Sale: HyperCard IIGS Script Language Guide: The HyperTalk
 >1991 Addison Wesley softbound.
 >This books details writing in HyperTalk.
 >Excellent condition
 >$15 shipped

I will take it! I need your address.


1. HCGS sortContainer XCMD

I successfully wrote a short script that used the "sortContainer" XFCN
(from HyperCard IIgs' "Scripters.Tools" stack) to put lines of text in a
field in alphabetical order. However, whenever I tried to specify the
order of a sort by including a >, <, or ? parameter (as described in the
documentation in the Scripters.Tools stack), the script would choke on
it. I'd appreciate hearing if others have the same experience
with the parameters in this XFCN.


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