Gview update?

Gview update?

Post by t.. » Tue, 23 Jul 1996 04:00:00

I was wondering if someone could tell me when the next update of Gview for
the second sight card will be and what new graphic formats it will load.



1. NEW - Update to GView v0.28 for SecondSight

Well its been awhile and plenty has changed to GView since. I'll be posting
GView to the binaries, and to the major A2 ftp sites. Anyways heres a quick
run down of whats new in GView.

Whats new in GView (gv v0.28).
- Added PPM support. (type P1)
- Added PGM support. (type P2)
- Added PBM support. (type P3)
- Reduced memory usage on some routines. (its still best to have plenty of
  free memory though)
- Worked out most bugs dealing with 'Dual Monitor Mode', but if there is
  still a situation where it doesn't work, please inform me.
  For single monitor users who turn on this option, you may turn it back
  off with 'Open Apple - M'.

Whats new in GView (gv v0.27).
- Added TIM support. This format is from the Sony Playstation. (PSX)
  Just pop your PSX disc into your CD drive, find a .TIM file, and
  presto... you can view the image. (you can find files on Wipeout or
  from the demo disc)
- Fixed a huge scrolling bug dealing with 15/16 bit mode. (and 8bit to a
  lesser degree)

Whats new in GView (gv v0.26).
- Added Windows and OS/2 BMP format. (8bit and 24bit non-compressed)
  I also fix bmps that come from the Crapintosh. The thimble head who
  wrote Graphic Converter just made a mess with the bmp headers for both
  Windows and OS/2. (resulting in a file that wasn't a true BMP image)
- Added SunRaster format. Hasn't been tested, so I hope it works...
  (my byte swapping may be wrong)
- New options, plus some old ones were finally completed.


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