Can't put Apple II Desktop and GeOS on same disk.

Can't put Apple II Desktop and GeOS on same disk.

Post by Jon Bettenct (formerly Mr.I'mAnOutOfControlLisaSimpsonFann » Mon, 01 Nov 1999 03:00:00

If you put GeOS and Apple II Desktop on the same disk, then when you
launch GeOS after using Apple II Desktop it says it needs an extended
80-column card. But if Apple II Desktop uses an extended 80-column card
too, then why is GeOS complaining?

If you put GeOS and Apple II Desktop on the same disk, then when you
launch Apple II Desktop it takes you to the System Monitor. I guessed it
was because Apple II Desktop used a custom version of ProDOS, but this
happens even when I use Apple II Desktop's version of ProDOS. Maybe
BASIC.SYSTEM warps it?

The only solution I've found is to have GeOS on one disk and Apple II
Desktop on another, and don't launch GeOS after launching Apple II


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Charles Hymes aka Charweed Hymerfan (The Dude)

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