FS: Apple II Stuff

FS: Apple II Stuff

Post by BasmntSa » Mon, 15 Feb 1999 04:00:00

After years of collecting classic computer stuff, its time to clear the
shelves of all my duplicate items and a few that Im not interested in
collecting any more.  It's all at my website, members.aol.com/basmntsale.

I'm listing stuff for:

* Apple II
* Atari
* Color Computer
* Intellivision
* Macintosh
* Radio Shack (many models)
* Sega CD
* TI
* plus the ever popular Miscellaneous!

Over the years, the items have come from Hamfests, upgrades, and trades with
collectors just like you (and me!)  This is stuff is all up for personal sale
and is not a business and never will be.  There just isn't money to be made in
Classic Computing unless you have a MITS Altair, Apple I, or Lisa 1 with Twiggy
drives.  (Consequently, I don't do "want lists;" mine keeps me plenty busy!)

While there are a few "rare" pieces, most of this stuff is quite common.  
Because I like to actually play and experiment with what Ive collected and
because most of the items youll find on these pages have been turned on and
used at some point in their lives, nothing here is "New in box with original
shrinkwrap."  Also, you'll seldom see an item is offered with an original box
and packing.  And as I continue to weed my collection over the coming weeks /
months, stay tuned in for blasts from the past.

So come on in and check out the shelves of my ba*t at
members.aol.com/basmntsale.  (Please.  I need more room for my new, old stuff!


1. 2/26 FS: Apple II stuff

For sale or trade (see list at bottom)

Set of Disk II's and controller card- $35

Kensington System Saver (cooling fan ans surge protector)
for IIe- $10

IIe Mouse and Controller Card- $15
(or will trade this for an ADB mouse)

I will trade/partial trade for:
IIgs Keyboard
ADB mouse
IIgs Power supply
3.5" 800k drive for IIgs

Buyer pays all shipping from Kansas, USA

X    X X  XXX X  X  XX  XXXX X     Michael S. Elliott

X    X X  XXX X  X X  X XXXX XXXX  http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/2907

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