How do I get QBBS to do an ANSI menu?

How do I get QBBS to do an ANSI menu?

Post by Mathew A Hennes » Wed, 15 May 1991 07:56:18

        All right.. I got QuickBBS, and it looks very good.. but I am having
problems defining it so that an ANSI file with the main menu hotkeys comes
on.. Basically, it doesn't come on.  I am using mm034 to define my menus.
        What I want to do is this (for approved users):
        logon, pass, ansi welcome screen, ansi menu screen, command line (in
        that order).
        The reasons I want customized ansi screens are my own, but I want BBS
novices to be comfortable with a eye-pleasing layout, and I also sorta like
the pretty colors 8)

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