Read/write to 800k apple disks?

Read/write to 800k apple disks?

Post by Gilles Tschop » Thu, 15 Aug 1996 04:00:00

> Can anyone here hlep me?

> I need to be pointed in the direction of a program that will allow me to
>  access the old 800k mac disks, I've downloaded a few but with no luck,
> can anyone suggest a site or program that I should download?

> Any help you can give me would be ggreatly appreciated.

> thanks

If you have a PC, it isn't possible to read 800K on your PC
because the Mac use a completly different data encoding scheme
and the size of sectors are variable (rotating speed varies).

The later Mac can read and write PC diskettes, as they can read
800K on the same drive. I used a Mac to convert AppleIIGS
software (I downloaded them from Internet on PC) from 1,44Mb PC
diskettes to 800K and it works perfectly. So the simplest for
you is to find a Mac and convert your data.

I hope that helps you.


Gilles Tschopp

Gilles Tschopp, Informaticien de gestion ES


Read/write to 800k apple disks?

Post by anoma.. » Sat, 17 Aug 1996 04:00:00

It IS possible for your PC to read/write to 800K Mac disks (but not
1.44Mb) with the Copy II PC Option Board. - Tony :-)