Dragon's Lair for the GS?

Dragon's Lair for the GS?

Post by Herbert Fu » Mon, 24 Aug 1992 07:47:01

Quote:>DRAGON LAIR II ????????????????  WHOH !!!!!!!  I must get this game.  The
>arcade game is incredible, as you probably know....  Can you give me the
>name,address, number or the company you ordered it from ????

>thanks.........  wow!

O.K. here it is:
        Educational Resourses           Educational Resourses Canada
        1-800-624-2926                  1-800-624-2926
        1550 Executive Drive,           3911 Victoria Avenue North
        Elgin, IL 60123                 P.O. Box 644
        U.S.A.                          Vineland, Ontario, L0R 2C0

This was advertised in the Fall 1991 catalog. Hope this helps.


1. Dragon's Lair II, GS version in limbo

: not alone.  Sound?  obviously no problem.  Graphics?  TurboRez.  Make it
: read standard Doom .WAD files, so we can download all the cool levels on
: the internet. hmmmm, maybe we should take this to the programming area.

Burger Bill said it would be possible to do doom on the GS -- BUT you would
have to do one of the following (note only one):

o  Forget the lighting effects


o  Do it all in greyscale (I think this was the other option)


o  Get rid of that neat movement thingie that makes the screen bob up and
   down a lot <grin>

With Second Sight or TurboRez, it is possible that these be overlooked,
but for normal GS users without these boards (only one will be available
soon anyways, so one of the Second Sights :)) they have limitations.

Let's ask BB to do it, but it would be a tough port.

Wolf 3D is not nearly as complicated as Doom or <cough> Doom II.


My opinions are my own, not PowerGS's.

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