"640k"; "good software" (was: Byte Magazine: 18 Vintage issues, 1985

"640k"; "good software" (was: Byte Magazine: 18 Vintage issues, 1985

Post by Bruce Bak » Fri, 13 Aug 1999 04:00:00

You won't get an argument from me that win 98/95 is buggie.  Nope, it crashes
on me all the time.  However for all practical purposes it is all there is.

It doesn't surprise me that someone wouldn't know that you could run other
o/s's on a intel machine.  I've never seen one running before myself, I've just
heard about it from guys like you.  I'm sure even the "computer literate" guys
in the office have never heard of beos.  They probably know about unix but may
not know that versions of it will run on a pc.

OTOH, the large pc users here in Houston has people who refuse to run anything
made by microsoft.  I think people who read theire posts on the local BBS
cannot relate at all.  We think they are going a long way around to avoid MS.
It seems to me this is biting your nose to spite your face.



1. "640k"; "good software" (was: Byte Magazine: 18 Vintage issues, 1985-1986)

I got a new chuckle from the "640k should be enough" reminder.  I
recently acquired a beautifully preserved IBM PC/AT (an 80286 for you
youngsters who don't already know) that has a whopping 512K of RAM.  The
simple DOS proggies I put on it work just fine, but one of the Norton
utilites throws up because there's not enough RAM.

As for "somebody must think" Micro$oft stuff is good, certainly lots of
folks (try to) use it.  But not a week goes by that some 95 or 98 owner
doesn't knock on my door or ring my phone crying for help because of
some stupid thing Windows has done.  At a Staples store last weekend I
was talking to a customer who began to complain about his PC.  When I
told him he could alleviate many of his problems by using a different
operating system he just looked at me blankly; he _didn't_know_there
_are_ alternatives to Windows.

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