MacroMind Dir. - Videorecorder

MacroMind Dir. - Videorecorder

Post by Christian Buchn » Fri, 04 Sep 1992 17:23:19

Hello everybody,

I have a problem with MM Dir. XObjects help me to control a videorecorder,
connected with the Macintosh. To search a defined position on videotape I put
a command in the script channel of the MM-film. The problem is: the timemarker
of the MM-film stays at the same frame, while the command is working. So it is
impossible to run the MM-film further at the same time.

Does anybody knows a solution ? ?



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I'm trying to

spawn, ".\apps\myapp .\data\mydata.dat"

to use relative paths from my apps base dir so I don't have to
string together possibly huge command strings with complete
path names which could conceivably create a string longer than
DOS will allow (128 chars I believe).
How do I make it so that spawn spawns to any dir I want?


I set !path in my app with:

  case (OSVersion) of
   "unix"  : begin pathSep = "/" & pathDelim = ":" & end
   "windows" : begin pathSep = "\" & pathDelim = ";" & end
   else   : begin pathSep = "\" & pathDelim = "," & end ;macOS
  !path =  baseDir + pathDelim + appDir + pathDelim + !path

Can I pass this to spawn so i can find stuff?

todd bowers

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4. This operation cannot be performed


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