TCP/IP for Apple IIgs via AppleTalk???

TCP/IP for Apple IIgs via AppleTalk???

Post by Royce Robbi » Sat, 03 Nov 1990 02:05:05

Title says it all: Is there a software/hardware package available to allow
a IIgs to run TCP/IP over LocalTalk (ala MacTCP + stuff)?  Or, (hope beyond
hope) onto Ethernet?  I *need* telnet, ftp, I'ld like to get NFS access to
a UNIX host.
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        DDE to TCP/IP Real Time Data Pump

DDE2TCP, is a Real Time Data Pump used as a data bridge
between DDE applications and ANY host system using
TCP/IP (SUN,HP,IBM,Apple, etc).  DDE2TCP runs in the
background, totally transparent between server and target

DDE2TCP is perfect for use with any MMI system such as FIX,
WONDERWARE,GENESIS,LabTech for real time update of SQL
databases residing on other hosts.  DDE2TCP comes with it's
own configurator for fast and effective setup.  DDE2TCP runs
on WINDOWS 3.1,3.11,95 and NT.  Site licenses,volume discounts
and modifications are available.  For more information on this
product or our other porducts and custom services contact:

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