NEED Help repairing old Apple][+

NEED Help repairing old Apple][+

Post by DarkCod » Mon, 01 Feb 1999 04:00:00

I have an old apple2+ that is broken...every time i turn it on
it just squeaks at me.  Also, i have a broken Language card that I would
like to repair also.

Thanx in advance,
Darkcode       (darkcode at hotmail)


1. Need help for repair of Apple IIgs Monitor!

Hi everyone,

the monitor of my old Apple IIgs just died, and I would greatly
appreciate some hints on how to fix it.

The monitor is labelled "Apple Color RGB Monitor". The screen diagonal
is 11" (estimated). It's the one that was usually bundled with an Apple

The symptoms are the following:

For over a year, the monitor occasionally went black, but always came
back to life when given a gentle hit on its right side. Now, it no
longer does.
When I turn it on, I can hear the "degauss procedure" being done. The
normal hiss of the power supply can also be heard. The power LED stays
dark however.

I have already checked as many plugs and cables as possible (also inside
the monitor), but without success. When I turn the brightness to maximum
(using the "screen" control inside the monitor), I can see a horizontal
white line in the middle of the screen. I guess this means that the high
voltage supply and the horizontal deflection unit are still working but
the vertical deflection unit is not. Unfortunately, I have no idea how
to fix it ... it's probably only a minor problem, because for such a
long time, a hit on the side was enough to _temporally_ fix it. But I
have no idea _what_ part is failing.

Any suggestions?


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