New TrueType Fonts in GS WorldView

New TrueType Fonts in GS WorldView

Post by Charles T. Turle » Wed, 06 Nov 1996 04:00:00

I've been searching out and obtaining all the best and most impressive
TrueType Fonts I could find. I now have over 169MB's archived in .SHK
(Shrinkit) format.

I'm adding around 20MB's of new public domain and freeware TTFonts for
your download needs with such IIGS programs as Pointless, etc. - in the
GS WorldView web site. They will be available from the following URL for
about a week, as a new feature from GS WorldView.*TRUETYPE.FONTS/

Then I'll be transfering them to the Apple2 ftp site 'Ground' and make
another 20MB's of all new public domain and freeware TTFonts available
from the same folder in GS WorldView. You won't find these TrueType
Fonts available on any other Apple2 ftp or web sites - currently!



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There was an article writtne years ago and published in NAUG's
FORUM about using bitmapped fonts with AppleWork and a laser printer.
You used a program called HPDOWN (which, according to a quick check
is up on Trenco in both a //e and GS format) to load the fonts to the
printer's memory, then called the font from AppleWorks using a
customized printer code.  I remember playing with this shortly after
it was printed--it worked but you had to play around with the
document spacing to make it look good.  You'd have to use Pointless
to change the TT fonts to a bitmapped one, but then you could use
them directly to the laserprinter without having to use
SuperFonts.  This worked with any laserprinter that would be
compatible with the HPII printer.  I was never sure--were there any
inkjet printers that would accept downloaded softfonts, or do all
inkjets need to get font info from the computer instead?


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