Need Powerbook 3400 MODEM UPDATE

Need Powerbook 3400 MODEM UPDATE

Post by Tige » Sat, 18 Apr 1998 04:00:00

When I put 0S8 into my 3400, I forgot to copy the modem update and now I
have to wait as long as 2 hours to access my modem!!! HELPPPPPPP!

If anyone has a copy of the modem update (which has a dead link
to), please email it to me or tell me where I can get it.  Puh-leeeeeeze!
(Enough begging for this message!  Thanks in advance!  Your help would be
GREATLY appreciated.)


1. Replacement Modem for Mac PowerBook 3400?

I apparently burned out the internal modem (or its external interface)
that came as original equipment in my PowerBook 3400c.  (Connected it to a
centrex phone system, despite warnings not to do so -- mea culpa.)

I'd like to replace it with a Global Village/TelePort fax modem, because I
like the GV fax software and use it on my desktop Macs.

Anyone have experience with GV PC Card (PCMCIA) modems in the PowerBook
3400?  Or do they make an internal modem for the PB 3400?

Will I have to have the internal modem removed to avoid software
conflicts?  If I get a PC Card modem, will I be able to communicate thru
the PC Card and print thru the Printer-Modem serial port without

First-hand experience from anyone appreciated.

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